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About Us

Yiwu Senhe Toys Factory Yiwu senhe toys co., Ltd. yiwu, founded in 1997, located in the west of the commodity city-yiwu western industrial park. about 12000 square meters construction area. a toy's company including product's development, production and sales. our company speviaizing in the development and production of children's educational toys including rubber band powered aircraft model, 3D puzzles and digital three-dimensional paitings. these products will not only develop the child's hand work ability, impoved three-dimensional imagination, creativity and logical- thinking ability, has a strong appeal for children, get recognition of the grobal market. Our company attaches great importance to the protection of intellectual property, with more than 20 countries in more than 100...

Catalogue and Products

3D Building Puzzle

Big Building Puzzle

3D Puzzle Eiffel Tower, 3D Puzzle Burj Al Arab, 3D Vasile Assumption Cathedral Puzzle,

Landmark Puzzle

Eiffel Tower Puzzle, Germany Munich Football Stadium Puzzle, Golden Gate Bridge 3D Puzzle, London Tower Bridges Puzzle, 3d Puzzle Sears Tower, 3D Puzzle Burj Al-Arab Hotel, Sydney Harbour Bridge 3D Puzzle, Sydney Opera House 3D puzzle, 3D puzzle Petronas Twin Towers, 3D Paper Puzzle Mini Famous Architecture,

Big And Medium Building Puzzle

3D Oriental Pearl Puzzle Toy, 3D Puzzle White Swan Castle Toy, 3D London Bridge Puzzle, 3D Puzzle Temple Of Heaven,

Medium Building Puzzle

3d Puzzle White House, 3D Puzzle - Burj Al Arab, 3D Puzzle For Eiffel Tower, 3D Puzzle Roman Triumphal Arch, 3D Puzzle Edifice Building, Jigsaw Puzzles For Bank Of China Mansion,

Small Building Puzzle

Small London Bridge Building Puzzle, Small Empire Mansion Building Puzzle, Small The Statue Of Liberty Building Puzzle, Small Big Ben Building Puzzle, Small Eiffel Tower Building Puzzle, 3D Puzzle Small Leaning Tower of Pisa,

3D Car Puzzle

3D Puzzle Engineering Truck

New Engineering Truck Puzzle, Hot Sale Engineering Truck Puzzle, Mini Engineering Truck Puzzle, Pull Back Engineering Truck Puzzle, Engineering Truck 3D Puzzle, Children Engineering Truck Puzzle, Kids Engineering Truck Puzzle, Engineering Truck Puzzle Toys,

Formula Car 3D Puzzle

Hot Promotional Formula Car Puzzle, Formula 3D Car Puzzle, Formula Car Puzzle Gift, DIY Formula Car Puzzle, ECO Formula Car Puzzle,

Plane Puzzle

3D Plane Puzzle Toys, Intellective Plane Puzzle, Plane Puzzle Toy, Intellective Plane Puzzle Toy, 3D Model Plane Puzzle, DIY Plane Puzzle, 3D DIY Plane Puzzle, 3D Plane Puzzle Jigsaw,

Racing Car Puzzle toys

Children Racing Car Puzzle, Educational Racing Car Puzzle, Racing Car Puzzle Toys, Educational Racing Car Puzzle Toys, 3D Racing Car Puzzle, 3D DIY Racing Car Puzzle, Promotional Racing Car Puzzle, Famous Racing Car Puzzle,

Raider Buggies puzzle toys

Mini Raider Buggies Puzzle, Baby Raider Buggies Puzzle, Classic Raider Buggies Puzzle, New Raider Buggies Puzzle, DIY Raider Buggies Puzzle, Raider Buggies Puzzle Toy, Ducational Toy Raider Buggies Puzzle, Ducational Raider Buggies Puzzle Toy,

Kart 3D paper Puzzle toys

3D Go Kart Puzzle, Pull Back Karts 3D Puzzle, 3D Puzzle Toy Car, Ducational DIY 3D Puzzles, DIY 3D Puzzles Kart Puzzle, 3D Puzzle Promotion Gift Karts, DIY Toy Pull-Back Karts, Pull Back Go Karts 3D Puzzle, Customized Kart Puzzle, Children Kart Puzzle,

Inertia Sliding Car Model Puzzle

3D Cars Puzzle Model, Chileren Inertia-Sliding Cars Puzzle Model, Kids Inertia-Sliding Cars Puzzle Model, Inertia-Sliding Cars Puzzle Model Toys,

Engineering Car puzzles

Educational Toys Puzzles mixer truck, Excavator puzzle toy, Toys Puzzles bulldozer, Dump truck model,

3D Castle Puzzles

QQ Farm Castle Puzzle, Ski Resort Castle Puzzle, Romantic House Castle Puzzle, New Design Castle Puzzle, Fisherman Wharf Castle Puzzle, In The Street Castle Puzzle, Children Castle Puzzle, Windmills Castle Puzzle, Kids Castle Puzzle, Castle Puzzle Toys, Romantic Beach Castle Puzzle, The Rainbow Room Castle Puzzle, Mushroomssafe And ECO Friendly Castle Puzzle, QQ Pasture Castle Puzzle, Cartoon Paradise Castle Puzzle, Christmas Castle Puzzle, Plants Vs Zombies Castle Puzzle, Tank puzzle, Fighter puzzle,

3D Letter Puzzle Toys

Animal Letter Puzzle

Animal Letter Puzzle

Fruit English Letter Puzzle

Fruit English Letter Puzzle

3D Robot Puzzle Series

3D Transformers Puzzle

3D Cardboard Jigsaw Puzzles For Optimus Prime, 3D CE Puzzle Hercules Toy, 3D Puzzle Buzzsaw, Educational Toy, Model Red Spider Robot Toy, Toys For Robot, The Favorite Children Toys of God's Army,

3D Prototype Puzzles

3D Prototype Puzzle, Reinforced Cardboard Prototype Puzzle,

3D Robert Puzzle

3D CE Puzzle Robert Toy, CE 3D Moving Puzzle Robert Toy, 3D Puzzle Robert Educational Toy, Excellent Quality Robert Puzzle, Children Robert Puzzle,

3D Story Puzzle

3D Crystal Puzzle The Daughter Of The Sea, 3D Jigsaw Puzzle Three Little Pigs, 3D Little Bear Farm Puzzle, 3D Puzzle Fantastic Castle Educational Toy, 3D Puzzle Toys Emperor'S New Suit, 3D Puzzles Toys For The Story Of Fisherman And Goldfish, The Little Match Girl, Baby Toy For Crgstal Shose, Educational Toy The Frog Prince, Educational Toy For Puppet Adventures, Kids Puzzle For The Sory Of Pinocchio,

Military Model Puzzle

Military Truck Puzzle Model, Humvee Puzzle Model, Uss Zhiyuan Ship Castle Puzzle, 3D QQ Farm Castle Puzzle, J-20 Stealth Fighters Castle Puzzle, Horizon Frigates Castle Puzzle, Little Aircraft Carrier Castle Puzzle, Big Carriers Toy, Big Pirate Puzzle,

Mini Jigsaw Puzzle

Insect Kids Puzzles

Insects Shape Diy Mini Jigsaw Puzzles For Kids, Educational Toy Insect 3D Puzzle/Animal Toy, Insect Shape Diy 3D Puzzles Toy, Education Toy Insect 3D Puzzle,

Dinosaur 3D Model puzzle

3D Puzzle Toy Dinosaur, DIY 3D Kids Toy Dinosaur, 3D Puzzle Dinosaur Toy, Educational Puzzle Toy 3D Dinosaur,

Airplane EPS Puzzle

Educational Airplane EPS Puzzle, Airplane EPS Puzzle Toy, New Design Airplane EPS Puzzle, Educational Airplane EPS Puzzle Toy,

Shaped 3D Puzzles Toy Corsair

Novelty 3D Diy Corsair Paper Puzzle, 3D Puzzle Big Corsairs Toy, Best Selling Shaped 3D Puzzles Toy Corsair, New Shaped 3D Puzzles Toy Corsair,

Handicraft Toys Furniture

Educational Handicraft Toys Furniture, New design Handicraft Toys Furniture, Children Handicraft Toys Furniture, Creativity Handicraft Toys Furniture,

Mini Shop Puzzle Toys

Cartoon Shop

Animal Cartoon Shop, Children Cartoon Shop, Kids Cartoon Shop, New Design Cartoon Shop, CE Cartoon Shop, Educational Toy Cartoon Shop,

Beautiful Shop

Beautiful Confectionery Shop, Beautiful Shop Restaurant, Flower Beautiful Shop, Beautiful Vegetables Shop, Beautiful Shop Sushi Bar, Children Beautiful Shop, Kids Beautiful Shop,

Small House Puzzle

Beautiful House

4 Kinds Of House Puzzle, Beautiful House DIY Puzzle,

Small House 3D Puzzle

Small House 3d Puzzle Safe, Small House 3d Puzzle Eco, Small House 3d Puzzle Eco Friendly, Small House 3d Puzzle Safe And Eco Friendly,

Big Pirate Ship Puzzle

3D Black pearl puzzle, 3D Corsairs boat puzzle, 3D Brooking Northrop boat puzzle, 3D Mysterious Ship puzzle, 3D Santa Maria puzzle,